Online Art Auction March 26

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of our school opening, we’re excited to announce we are holding an online art auction from March 26-April 5, 2022.

Children doing art

Visit the live auction site now > 

We have seven wonderful artists participating in the event and we’re excited to showcase their work.

Jair Garay

Jair Garay, originally from El Salvador, now resides in London, Ontario. Inspired by his father’s artwork, drawing and painting became an early obsession, followed closely by his love of music.

His projects include live paintings at events through the London Arts Council, painting for plays and creating outdoor murals. His primary medium is acrylic on canvas and can be found at select galleries in Ontario.

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Skye Holland

Skye Holland is a contemporary artist using mixed-media to create drawings, paintings, panel-works and prints. Primarily she works with inks, graphite and pigments, sometimes embellishing with celebratory gold leaf and diamond dust.  Starting with drawing, Holland manipulates her lines and allows her visual story to unfold in gestural and expressive marks and colours.

Her artwork is a commentary on our ever shifting interaction and imprint with the natural world and the critical equilibrium of our planet on which we all co-exist and depend.  Hers is a language which shifts between figuration and abstraction but her messages are consistent in supporting conservation and sustainability in the natural world.

Skye trained as a Fine Art printmaker at Central St. Martin’s school of Art.  Her work is represented in the MTN Art Institute, Johannesburg, exhibiting in international art fairs.

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Hazel Morgan

Classically trained artist Hazel Morgan is an award winning professional portrait painter, whose work hangs in homes and organizations across the US, UK and Europe. Hazel is firmly established as one of today’s leading portrait and equestrian artists.

While portrait paintings and equine art are her primary focus, Hazel is equally well known as an exceptionally talented landscape, hound and dog painter too. Having been trained in the famous Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Hazel is an artist who not only has the ability to capture what she sees, but is able to reach into the soul of her subject, painting each horse as if it were her own, and each person as if she had known them for years. Her work captures precious moments in time creating a legacy for future generations.

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Barb Pierce

Barb has had a passion for art her entire life. She combines this passion with her enjoyment of all things outdoors. She works primarily in pastel, watercolour and coloured pencil to create gently flowing peaceful drawings and paintings based on living things that represent health and abundance.

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Dawn Siddall

Dawn grew up on a farm north of London, Ontario and currently resides in North Middlesex, Ontario. She lives on a hobby farm where she takes pleasure in country life with her goats, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats. Living in the country has given Dawn lots of inspiration for her art.

Dawn started out teaching ceramics in her own store in the nineties. Then went on to painting on canvas later in life and has enjoyed working with acrylic, watercolour, alcohol ink, and just recently resin.

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Renée Taylor

Recently relocated to Smiths Falls from Toronto, Renée Taylor has been a crafter all her life. She began assisting her mother Naomi who was an elementary school art teacher in Toronto. A lover of nature and animals, these themes are reflected in her art.

She has done numerous pieces, all produced to support causes she believes in. Her preferred medium is paper maché and acrylic painting with an emphasis on recycled materials.