New kids at school

Post Covid the school numbers were low and it’s been difficult getting the children back to school.  However, we did have 75 new admissions this month due to a huge effort on behalf or the teachers. 

The teacher’s target is to have 200 students by August this year.

Our team visits the villages regularly to check in with parents that aren’t sending their kids to school and they do their best to discuss the benefits of educating their children for their future.




World Earth Day

8th May – Mother’s day

A beautiful celebration of mother’s day.  The kids learned about the importance of the role of the mother.

They designed cards for their mums with the creative help of the teachers.  It was a fun day!


Raksha Bandhan

9th May Birthday Rabindra Nath Tagore Jayanti

Rabrindra Tagore Jayanti was a great Benjali poet, writer, novelist, philosopher and poet.  This year was the 161st birthday. 

Kids wrote poems and learned about his incredible contribution to English literature.


Helping Hands for India