We have many little caring hearts to thank for their fundraising efforts. The grade 3-4 split class in Calgary, who started a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo a few months ago, have held a sale at their school which has helped them surpass their original fundraising goal. Initially they set out to raise $1000 by the end of this school year. When they reached that in May they decided to double it and now  they are well over $3000 and still going strong!

The children took care of all the details for the sale by making posters, helping smaller children, overseeing the sale of many toys and keeping track of all the money. Two teachers kindly donated paintings that were auctioned off as well.

We are inspired and humbled by their efforts and excitement and we hope they are very proud of what they have accomplished in such a short time. The children in India at our new school, opening in July, will be delighted to know they have support from around the world.