Naveen Joshi recently completed the YTT-200 (Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour course) at the Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh. I spent some time with him behind the front desk of the office at the ashram to ask a few questions about his experience and to find out how Helping Hands for India has made an impact on his life.Graduation Day

Shobhana: Tell me something about yourself – what do you like to do for fun when not working or studying?

Naveen: At my college games I won second prize on our athletics day, I completed a 14 km run. I love running and also the long jump. I practice flute and I’m learning tabla and guitar.

Shobhana: How did you meet Vishva ji?

Naveen: We met at the International Yoga and Music Festival 2 years ago. I joined one of Vishva’s classes and really liked his style of teaching. Then I started coming to the ashram for classes.

Shobhana: How about your experience working at the ashram – what do you feel you have learned?

Naveen: I enjoy working in the office. I’m learning about management of the ashram and I get to meet many different people from around the world who come to stay here.

Shobhana: How do you think your life has changed because of Helping Hands for India?

Naveen: The scholarship has been helpful because it allows me to go further in my yoga studies.

Shobhana: Did you teach yoga before taking the YTT?

Naveen: Yes I was teaching for one year before taking the training. I studied for a year with multiple teachers before taking the course. I was also teaching at the International Yoga and Music Festival in November of 2010; I was teaching hatha and kundalini yoga there.

Shobhana: Tell me about what you learned during the YTT course.

Naveen: I was learning more about different postures, how to sequence a class, how to adapt to people who have injuries. Now I know more about how to manage a class to accommodate different people and with different skill levels. Yoga is also on the spiritual level; it’s about improving mental health and improving happiness. [He says with a big smile!]

Shobhana: What was your favourite thing about the course?

Naveen: It was joyful study. We had a nice group of people and it was a great experience.

Shobhana: Do you plan to take further yoga studies?

Naveen: Yes I am studying for Master of Yoga at Gurukul Kanvashram.

Shobhana: What would you like to do in the future? For example, what are your dreams if you could choose anything in the world?

Naveen: To be the best yoga teacher I can be!