Did you know that three out of ten girls in India don’t know what menstruation is at the time of their first period?

It’s taboo and often shameful talking about periods, which leaves many young girls unaware of what is happening to them when menstruation starts.

We came across this wonderful TED Talk by Aditi Gupta, who grew up with this taboo and is sharing her story to help girls, parents and teachers talk about periods without shame.

Two of our board members, Danielle (Dristhi) and Elizabeth, are visiting India this fall to deliver hand-made, washable menstrual kits to the girls at our school, as part of the Days for Girls program. They have decided to take their initiative even further and we want to purchase 50 copies of the Menstrupedia Comic – The Friendly Guide to Periods for Girls.

The comic was created by Aditi Gupta and is being used by more than 90 schools, 25 NGOs and 85,000 girls across India. It’s the perfect tool to accompany the kits and to teach young girls about menstruation with beautiful illustrations and cartoon characters, which makes it easy and comfortable for teachers to talk about periods.

We want to raise $500 CDN for this project.

If you’d like to contribute, please spread the word, or make a donation through our website for this project. Thank you for your support!

Watch the TED Talk here: