On March 13, 2011 Helping Hands for India (HHFI) celebrated our first semi-annual Mela (fair) at Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh. This was the first time we had all of the sponsored children and their families, along with HHFI volunteers together for a fun and educational morning, followed by lunch at the ashram.

At the Mela the kids and adults played games (mountain posture tag and duck, duck, goose) and learned about the benefits of outdoor exercise after school and before homework. There were also some educational games like ABC country names, throwing a ball around a circle and naming countries, and hangman – which a few of the kids even took a turn at leading the game.

Finally the children learned about reading and writing for fun by creating a poem with the letters of their name, and then received an English story book to take home.

It was inspiring to see the kids laughing and enjoying the fun with their parents. Please check the Gallery page for photos of the day’s festivities.

Many thanks to those people for bringing so many books in your luggage to India over the past few months. In March we donated many of these books to two village schools and an orphanage; the kids were delighted to receive them. 

We are looking forward to our next Mela six months from now where we hope to have many more children there!