Volunteer groups called DfG-Chapters around the world get together to sew washable  moon cycle (menstrual) kits that are delivered in many developing countries. They have been very successful in Africa and are making their way into Asia.
Days for Girls for our school girls – Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.
DfG also assists micro industries, so that local women can sew the kits for their village or even sell the kits as revenue. I visited a micro industry in September 2016 in Kathmandu Nepal.  It is expertly managed to serve Nepal.  Getting the kits to our school from Nepal is a logistical challenge. I decided to reach out to a Ottawa DfG chapter to supply our initial requirement.
Starting small, I purchased 60 kits that will be delivered in September. I want to evaluate the success and acceptance of these kits before I engage our charity to fund the program. It would be nice to extend the distribution to family members of the girls in our school as well as their teachers.
I wish to acknowledge Peggy Prarena Gillies, Silvia Sipolins and Crystallina Chiu for coordinating fabric donations, the monetary contribution of Mary Burney and OmShanti Melanie Bérubé towards the purchase of the $10 kits, and Elizabeth Hall who is travelling with me to distribute the kits.
Contact me if you wish to know more at dj.vachon@bell.net or go to www.daysforgirls.org for info on the kits.