Dream big

From a dream to design to construction. This is a tribute to all of the wonderful people who have come together to make our dream a reality. Please help us to keep the dream alive.

Books and school supplies needed

We are so close. In just a few weeks we will be welcoming the children to our school and we are still working on gathering much needed supplies. We need your help to make this happen!  For anyone planning to visit Rishikesh and especially students coming to attend a...

2012 Expenses

Where your money goes... Here is the breakdown of our expenses at Helping Hands for India for 2012: Office: office supplies and printing of materials for advertising. Salary: we pay a small salary to our accountant in India who looks after tracking all incoming...

Meet Jackie

During our last visit to the farm I met Jackie the school dog who is very friendly and gives lots of kisses. He will be on night-watch I've been told. Hari-om!