Meet Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth, who joined the Helping Hands team this year in the role of Director and Secretary. Elizabeth is responsible for taking minutes and preparing and maintaining the official documents needed for the operations of Helping Hands for India.

Elizabeth and Danielle (Dristhi) visited the Helping Hands school this September to distribute moon cycle kits and educate the girls about menstrual health through a new initiative we hatched this summer in partnership with Days for Girls and Menstrupedia.

I asked Elizabeth to share a brief summary about her trip and here’s what she had to say:

Ahhhh, India!  Glorious and captivating. I had been here only briefly a year ago – long enough to know that I needed to return to this land of my paternal ancestors so that I could explore its rich spiritual and cultural tapestry and connect more deeply with my roots.  India delivered!  I am honoured and humbled that that my role in the Helping Hands for India family allowed for me to come here and to witness the tremendous impact the Sansar Gyaan Pathshala school is having on its wonderful students.   For these two reasons, among many others, I will return home with a full and grateful heart.  ~ Elizabeth Hall