Third Mela!

On Sunday, March 4, 2012, we celebrated our third semi-annual Mela at the Anand
Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh. This time we had 11 sponsored children and their families, along with Helping Hands for India (HHFI) volunteers and ashram guests to join in the fun.

After checking in on the children’s progress our first game was musical cushions, which started off politely then became quite competitive as the number of cushions was dwindling -Pooja was the winner in the end! We played tag, duck, duck, goose and a few other games which generated a lot of laughter then finished with an art project, where we encouraged the children to draw a picture of their home and family life.

Following a delicious vegetarian lunch in the garden, the kids received notebooks and colouring pencils as a gift upon leaving, made possible because of donations from our friends and members of the World Conscious Yoga Family – many thanks again for your donations.

We have one new child awaiting sponsorship, please contact us if you are interested to help.