Drawing and Dancing

Our second visit to the Himalayan Rural Welfare Society school was a day filled with creativity, inspiration and fun. We started off by showing the children how to make a collaborative art project by tracing our hands then letting the imagination fly, continuing to draw colourful patterns and shapes to piece it all together. In the beginning I drew an elephant and a star and I noticed the kids were drawing the same figures…it took a bit of time for the creative juices to flow but soon the paper was full of beautiful mandalas and mendhi designs, peacocks, fish and even a chicken! We personalized it by writing our names in our hands in English and in Hindi.

After hanging the artwork up on the wall some of the smaller children shyly showed us thier dance routine while Naveen played the dholak. It was only when the Bollywood songs were played on someone’s mobile phone that a full-on dance party broke out! We joined in which was very entertaining for everyone 🙂

Thank you again Amit and Naveen for inviting us to your school – we had a blast. Please check out the the photos of the festivities here.