Helpful Tips for your Child’s Home and School Life – Tip #3

Have a designated time and place for homework!

After children have had some time to play and move their bodies they often feel more inclined to do some homework before dinner – before it gets too late.Child in library

It’s not productive for students to spend a few hours looking at a book in front of the TV or while other family members are having a conversation; often they are looking at the book for one minute and then turn their attention to the distractions in the room.  They can usually complete their homework in half an hour to one hour then spend the rest of the evening enjoying time with family.

So, ask your child to go into a quiet room or space of your house and ask other family members to respect the quiet of that space.  Encourage your child to focus totally on the work at hand, to get it done well, and then enjoy the rest of their time.  Spending more time does not necessarily mean better quality work.