Helpful Tips for your Child’s Home and School Life – Tip #1

Children’s success at school is largely determined by their parents’ involvement in their education!

Over the coming weeks we hope to give you a few ideas on how to support your child in their education and healthy lifestyle. Please do also connect with the staff members of Helping Hands for India if you encounter any challenges with your child and their education, or if you need more ideas for spending quality time with your son or daughter. Even half an hour a day can make a world of difference in your relationship, and in your child’s self esteem and educational success.

Make time for physical activity outdoors!
First, we recommend that your children have some designated free time every day to play outdoors. Kids playing

Tuition is popular nowadays, but children already spend about 8 hours a day sitting at desks in school. After-school tuition tends not to be beneficial as the children’s concentration is low, they are tired and possibly hungry, and they need to move their bodies to re-oxygenate their bloodstream and brain. Also, tuition can lead to students coming home late, having less time to spend with family members therefore eating and getting to bed late. They are then often tired the next day at school and fed up with sitting and being in a formal learning environment; therefore tuition often backfires, and makes students more listless and unenthusiastic about school and education.

If you have half an hour of free time after school before chore time and dinner preparation, you could spend some time with your child outside:

  • Go for a walk in your neighbourhood with your child and look at the natural environment together, talk about your child’s day at school, or what they are thinking and feeling.
  • Play a simple ball game of throw and catch to get the blood circulation moving, and to share laughter and fun with your child. If you have not got a ball on hand, you can get creative with another light object like a piece of newspaper crumpled up into a ball, or with a balloon.
  • Encourage other children in the neighbourhood to join in a game of hide and seek – it’s fun!